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        Squid and I have chosen not to add commercials to our blogs. Instead, we want to start a project with our friends. We will try to link to services or products they offer, and if you choose to purchase something, please let them know you found out about them through our site. But first, you can like us on Facebook. Sometimes hotels or other businesses will have special offers for bloggers, but those blogs need to have a certain amount of social media clout. Plus it'll make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just follow the link below.

Pluto & Squid


    Are you looking to create an online store, design a logo, create an interactive digital format for your magazine or do you need a poster or illustration? The professional team behind lumidesign can do all that and more. With years of experience working with customers in Asia and Europe, lumidesign offers a unique approach that's fine-tuned to its customers' needs. Just take a look at their portfolio.
Remember to mention Pluto & Squid please!

Taste of Africa

A taste of Africa is a wine importing company operating in Taiwan. They currently import four high quality wines from South Africa. They have initially selected four wines, offering a small glimpse of South Africa's underestimated brilliance in winemaking. Stay tuned to their newsfeed, as they plan to import more bottles in the coming months. You also want to stay tuned because Taste of Africa organizes or participates regularly in wines tasting events, where you'll be given a wealth of information about South Africa and its wines, while sampling the company's wares and having a great time with our friends Richard and Madelline. If you do choose to buy some bottles, please remember to mention Pluto & Squid.

Kimchee Guesthouse Sinchon

In the heart of Seoul's student district, where Korea's pop and indie cultures blend, Kimchee Guesthouse has wonderfully helpful staff and charming rooms with a view. The rates are the best we found for a private room in Seoul, unless you go for the rooms with reviews like: "The boss told us to check out before 9:30AM or he would come and fight us" (stay away from Mini Residence and JJ Residence, but do read the reviews for them on We decided to disburse a little more for cleanliness, comfort and the chance to keep all of our teeth. Kimchee Guesthouse is just a few minutes walking distance from the subway station and from the caf├ęs, bbq restaurants, bars and all the sorts of fun in Hongdae. We were very pleased to have so much luck for our first night in Seoul. Please be careful, there are two Kimchee Guesthouses in Hongdae, and while I'm sure both provide quality service, the one to help us was the Sinchon branch. This was paid for by Kimchee Guesthouse Sinchon.

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